This was the reception for the Mario movie trailer




Last week was historic NintendoBecause after many years of absence in the movie world, they finally decided to bring in the franchise. super mario Back, it’s via an animated tape. So it was past October 6 We had the first preview of the tape, along with comments from fans who left something general about the reception.

Based on its 5-channel analysis YouTube Many differences: illuminationNIntendo of America, Universal Pictures UK, Universal Pictures Australia y Movie Trailer Source, the debut trailer had 23 million views. Approximately 800,000 fans cast a like or dislike vote. There are 774,447 likes against 37,075 dislikes.

Generally many films have not met the same fate as live action productions Disney poorly received, little mermaid and adaptations of classics Pinocchio too. For its part, the first trailer for the video game sonic Before its aesthetic change, it was beaten by fans of the story.

For more details, sonic the film At 12 million views, only 39% of viewers liked the trailer as a result of negative reactions to the character’s portrayal. This changed time after the character was redesigned in line with the video game titles.

Remember that Super Mario Bros. Movie Premier March 30, 2023.

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