Thor: The Love and Thunder star has given his opinion on the film


There is about a week left to be the most current movie in the universe Marvel Opens in the auditorium, Thor: Love and Thunder, Which is why the actors have already started their press tour. And precisely the interview one, the protagonist Chris HemsworthAt the beginning he gave some opinions that could be misunderstood.

The results during the question and answer session Love and lightning It was like letting a seven year old run everything and although it may sound a bit weird, it was mentioned in a good way. The production team and director were given so much creative freedom Taika Wetiti, They have created a frenzy for the big screen.


Here is the actor’s statement:

This movie is crazy. As if he had been given the keys to the kingdom and someone thought: What if we let a seven-year-old make a tape? Well, let’s do this here, let’s do this over there. He has received a positive response to all his suggestions. So now we have a very crazy production in front of us.

For his part, the director mentioned in the interview that the film is a love letter from the 80s, because the elements present were familiar to the most experienced fans. From the first trailer we can see this kind of approach, since you can hear the melody in full volume My good child Of Guns and roses.

Remember, that Thor: Love and Thunder The next one opens July 7th Theater.

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