TikTok breaks into a new sector: The app may never be the same again, shock users



Another potential revolution for TikTok, which seems poised to open up a whole new sector. If the news is confirmed, the app will never exist as we know it today

The reference social network is without a doubt tick tock. ByteDance Gem continues to record record numbers, with millions of users who publish a few seconds of video every day and watch their favorite content.

tiktok 20221029 cellulari.it
TikTok may soon be open to a whole new world, with immediate changes to the app’s interface (Unsplash)

A success with few precedents and one that doesn’t seem to want to stop. The company’s developers are well aware of this, eager to feed this phenomenon With new unique features. According to a report by the Financial Times, the Chinese app may launch one soon unpublished button And it will change the entire interface forever.

TikTok opens in a new sector, here are all the details

tiktok 20221029 cellulari.it
Here’s what you need to know about the latest news designed by the Chinese company (Unsplash).

It will be a real revolution, a change in direction towards a sector that is constantly growing. It has already done so Netflix, with changes to its interface that took place a few months ago. And now it seems to be its turn too tick tock To open a new reality: IL Gaming. The Financial Times reported this news, according to which ByteDance developers are studying a button to be introduced within the application and which will give users the possibility to access. Menu dedicated to video games.

In fact, since 2019 the Chinese version of the social network has also included games in the “casual” format, with titles that are fast and exploitable within minutes. But this time we’ll talk about something bigger, at least according to what came up. “TikTok and video games are made for each other. The platform has proven its value in helping consumers discover what’s fun and popular. I look forward to working closely with all gaming companies worldwide” explained Asaf Sagi – A TikTok Manager – on LinkedIn.

Already the next one November 2nd This section may be a declaration, called “TikTok Made Me Play It”. It will be a real event, during which some famous software houses will be present: Electronic Arts, 2K, VNG Corporation, NetEase Games and Homa. To use the actual title, we have to wait for the announcement from the company.


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