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Today, publisher Level Infinite and developer Hota Studio shared more details and new gameplay in the first major update for Imagination Tower, VeraPublished. Vera Free from October 20th Official site as well as between App Store and above Google Play Can be available steam-Users can download and play the full game with new expansions on the same day.

In a particular stream, the team has it Vera-Update presented in more detail. The full gameplay premiere is available as VOD on YouTube:

Fans also got to see an exciting trailer for mysterious new character Ruby, showing off her weapon Spark and her powers:

It could be seen in the stream Vera– Expansion of two different environments – the irradiated wilderness of the Pilar desert and the cyberpunk-style city at its center: Mirroria. At first glance, the glittering city looks like an oasis, a respite from the harsh columnar desert, but hikers soon discover it’s fraught with danger and conflict.

New areas await you with tons of missions, events, raids, instances, monsters and legendary bosses to conquer. New vehicles and weapons are definitely needed. The biggest challenge awaits players in the Pillar Desert section, also known as the Gray Room. Upon entering the gray room, the whole atmosphere becomes dark and a gloomy feeling spreads. There is a risk of encountering local gray space entities in this area

In addition to the new information, players can also secure codes for the game during the stream.

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