Tribute to IT on The Simpsons has been released



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Earlier in the summer something historic was announced Simpson, this year will see the release of two horror specials instead of just one, as one will feature the classic three-segment, while the other will focus on a specific film. The chosen one is neither more nor less ITAdaptation of the book Stephen King which premiered in theaters 2017.

title The Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not IT, Watch the episode Krusty Assume role Pennywise. will be damaged Homer, Marge, Carl, Mo and the one with the comics. The best thing is that it won’t be long before its official premiere Foxespecially 23 October. Even the first pictures of the episode have already been released.

Here you can see them:


This is what the executive producer said Matt Sellman A diversity About the episode:

A fantastic, gory, scary, dark story told in the span of 20 minutes and 40 seconds is one episode we’ve never done. I think the fans will be very excited. Of course Krusty’s tattoo already exists as Pennywise. So we’re just writing about the basics now.

Note that time after it airs Fox Like will be brought to the platform they are Plus.

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