VW Tinker mobile office chair with heated seats, horn and infotainment system



“Do you need anything, Miss? I’ll get the office chair.”

Photo: Volkswagen

In a hilarious making-of video, Norwegian VW engineers show how they pimp an office chair with technology from a VW Transporter. The motorized chair is intended to mimic aspects of the current van model, but the video shows the heated seats, horn and infotainment system in action.

Along with all the crazy new gaming chair models – McDonald’s is giving away one right now Greaseproof chair with fry holder – and wacky gadgets, if this idea were really meant seriously, it would hardly surprise us: “The challenge was As many real Volkswagen features as possible in an office chair Installed,” the video says.

So with the office chair a Electric motor With gas pedal and brakes and rolls on 4 inch tires with aluminum rims. A notebook or important documents can be transported in a small compartment at the back and there is a practical one for heavy files The trailer swings.

So at least the driver 20 km/hr Top speed remains safe, there is a Seat beltone Backup camera And Proximity sensor. For regular trips to the copier and the office kitchen, integrated batteries are a must 12 km range to serve Party lights and a Speaker Also to spice up boring everyday office life, the whole thing is controlled through a medium Touch-display on the armrest

We would have placed a joint order for our office long ago, but the VW office chair shown in the video will probably be the one Einzelmodell to remain above Website for the project The manufacturer mentions various models of its van transporters in which the functions parodied here are properly implemented.


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