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God of War: Ragnarok It is a comprehensive game. The story takes no time to give us an amazing journey, but new gameplay mechanics are constantly being introduced. Thus, it has been pointed out that the Nordic story can be made up of not two, but three titles. Thus, We had the chance to speak with Bruno Velazquez, its animation director Ragnarok is the god of warAbout this theme.

During our talk with Velazquez, we had a chance to ask him How is it that Sony agreed to close this chapter of Kratos’ life with only two games, not three. Here’s what he told us:

“Sony has always supported us since the Greek era games, they’ve given us creative freedom, and that continues with Ragnarok. We wanted to continue the story in 2018, but we also wanted to wrap it up, we thought if we did it in two games it would take us like 10 years, because each game takes like four on average.

With the 2018 game we had a good foundation, we didn’t have to start from scratch and it’s a similar process to 2005’s God of War and the second installment, and we were able to add a lot more. We wanted to finish the story, promise to visit all nine kingdoms, add more bosses and battles and more battle options. We wanted to do everything, and we thank Sony for allowing us.”

Thus, it becomes clear that the team always remembers to finish the Nordic story ragnarokAnd although the third installment was considered, The developers chose to deliver a great product, instead of us waiting a few years to see the end of this chapter. On a related note, you can check out our God of War: Ragnarok review here. Similarly, the developers were not happy with the game a few months ago.


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