What is Facebook Neighborhoods and how does it work?


(Pocket-Lint) – Facebook has a feature called Neighborhoods, which is designed as a section in the Facebook app to help people connect with their local community, discover new places nearby, and connect with neighbors.

Here’s what you need to know about Facebook Neighborhoods, where the feature is available, how it works and what it offers.

What is Facebook Neighborhood?

Facebook Neighborhoods Described by Facebook As the single destination for creating and strengthening local communities on Facebook.

It has been created as a dedicated space within the Facebook app that enables users to connect with their neighbors, engage with their local communities and find new places and recommendations within their communities.

The idea is to support local businesses, as well as give people the ability to share tips in local groups and meet neighbors with common interest.

How does Facebook Neighborhoods work?

Facebook Neighborhoods is a specific category of the Facebook app and it’s an opt-in experience so you can choose if you want to join if it’s offered in your area.

You need to set up a Neighborhood profile that is different from your Facebook profile, but your Neighborhoods profile includes your name, profile picture and cover photo from your Facebook profile. It will also show your neighbors, which you need to confirm when joining. You will also have the option to join the neighborhood to see posts from your neighbors

You must be over 18 to join Facebook Neighborhood.

During setup, you will be able to add interest, your favorite places and a biography to help you get to know your neighbors better if you want.


What are the features of Facebook Neighborhoods?

Facebook Neighborhoods has a number of features to offer under the umbrella.

Nearby directories

The Neighborhood Directory is where you find information about your neighbor’s other neighbors Their biographies, favorite places and interests will be displayed here, just like if you choose to include them from your profile.

You can also write a post with your own identity and you can join the discussion of other neighbors’ posts and answer questions in the Dedicated Neighborhoods Question Feed.

Create neighborhood groups

Facebook Neighborhoods lets you create neighborhood-bound groups based on your interests, such as a group for basketball lovers to talk about the latest game, or bird watchers to discuss birds in the local area.

It is also possible for administrators of Facebook groups to add their group to Neighborhood, making it easier for locals to find it.

A group created in Neighborhood can be private, open, visible or hidden. If it is private, only members of the group who have joined Neighborhood will see the posts If the group is open, anyone in or around the neighborhood (if selected) can view group members and posts.

For visible groups, anyone in the neighborhood can search and find the group If the group is hidden, only members can find the group.


Facebook Neighborhoods features a dedicated recommendation designed to make it easy to find advice on the best coffee or the best locksmith or plumber in an area.

The feature allows advice to neighbors and the local community.

Favorite vote in the neighborhood

As an extension of the Neighbor’s Recommendation feature, there’s also a Neighborhoods Favorites poll that lets neighbors vote on their favorite places and businesses, such as restaurants and parks.

Neighborhood Guide

Neighbors have guidelines to ensure that interactions between neighbors are kind, inclusive, and relevant.

Neighborhoods has moderators who use the Neighborhood Guide to review posts and comments in the Neighorhoods feed. Facebook says that if a post or comment set goes against the guidelines, moderators can take action by hiding the post, which is reviewed by Facebook community operators.

If the post violates the Facebook Community Standard, Facebook says it will be removed from Neighborhood.

What do I need to know about Facebook Neighborhood and Privacy?

Once you join Facebook Neighborhood, you can choose to join only your own neighborhood, or even nearby neighborhoods.

When you join your own neighbor or any of your neighbors, the neighbors in them will be able to see your post, neighbor’s profile (including your Facebook profile picture, cover photo and name) and your neighbor.

If you block someone from Facebook or neighbors, they won’t be notified. Facebook also says that when someone you block logs in to Facebook, they won’t find you in the Neighborhoods directory.

It’s worth noting that Facebook states: “Your activity and information among neighbors can be used to personalize your experience with Facebook products, including the ads you see. This means that your activity on Facebook can influence what your neighbors see.” And the activity of your neighbors can affect what you see elsewhere in Facebook products. “

You can read more about Facebook’s data policy Here.

Where can Facebook Neighbors be found?

Facebook Neighborhoods is currently available in several U.S. cities, including Canada and Charlotte, North Carolina; San Diego, California; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; And Newark, New Jersey.

Nothing is currently mentioned about the United Kingdom.

Written by Brita O’Boyle. Edited by Luke Baker.

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