Whatsapp: A trick for chatting, just a few clicks



There is a simple trick on WhatsApp that few people know about and it will make your life easier. It only takes a few steps to activate everything and, although few know it, it can prove to be very useful

The Messaging platform They are an essential tool for virtually anyone these days. They can be used to exchange messages, multimedia content, audio notes, but also to call other people and make video calls. Do not forget to send documents, especially useful Business matters.

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There is a simple trick on WhatsApp that few people know about and it can be extremely effective. We recommend you try it immediately (Adobe Stock).

Of course, the most well-known of these WhatsApp. Millions of people connect every day for their own needs. The team of developers is working on new features to further build user loyalty. But you know what some tricks That few people know and it can be very useful? Here’s one!

WhatsApp, trick everyone should know

Its strategy WhatsApp They are more useful, and it is good to know them in order not to lose anything in the application. There’s one in particular that isn’t talked about much but could make your life a lot easier. It is called “quick chat” and thanks to it, you can make the conversation you want more accessible, without entering the application every time. To activate everything, go to the chat you think is most important and tap the three dots which you will find at the top right.

whatsapp 20221104 cellulari.it
Here’s how to activate and what it’s for (Adobe Stock)

As usual, a menu should appear with various options, classic settings. By clicking on Other, you can access convenient functions “Add link”. Configure everything and that’s it. You will be able to establish chat links Your smartphone is at home. In this way, you will be able to reach any group and single conversation very easily without having to open the application every time and search between different chats. Likewise, you’ll be able to respond to contacts more easily without too much hassle. We recommend you to activate the feature immediately.

This is just one Many tricks which you may need to activate to facilitate full use of the Service There are several that just perform this action. Apart from those tools that are present by default within the service and often prove of fundamental importance. It’s really hard to know them, because new ones come out every week A lot of interest.


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