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Did you know that you can secretly send a message on WhatsApp, without the words “he writes …”? Just follow this simple strategy, it has never been easier

WhatsApp Many offer so many different features that it is often difficult to know them. In addition to the big announcements and authenticity announced with Changelog, there are some that turn out to be true hidden gems. Or strategy if you want.

There’s a simple way to send a message on WhatsApp without the word “he writes …” (Adobe Stock)

A very useful and very few people know and use. You know there’s a chance Write a message Secretly to another person? That is, appeared without words “Writing.”? It’s easier than expected, and in just a few steps, the notification has been disabled

Strategies for deleting “typed” from WhatsApp, here are all the steps

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Just set your phone to airplane mode, enter your message and then send. By restoring the connection, the content will reach the recipient (Adobe Stock)

In its various privacy WhatsAppThere is also a simple strategy to get rid of annoying words “Writing.” When you send a message to other people. You must first activate your smartphone and take it offline Traveling Or simply by removing the internet connection. By doing this, Whatsapp will no longer be able to communicate with another person that you are composing a message. Then you can do everything calmly, Once you are done, click Enter.

That will be enough Restore connection And the message will be sent to the chat. This is a very simple, fast and above all effective solution. Without the need to download Third-party or paid apps: Only native WhatsApp software required. The most amazing aspect is that although it is an instantaneous process, very few users know it. Many even prefer to write text on a phone note and then copy and paste it into the chat, especially when it comes to a long and demanding message. Obviously such a system can also be applied Other messaging platformsWith the same final result.

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