Why the Google Pixel 6a uses cheap phones


An image of the Pixel 6a smartphone

The Pixel 6a is finished in a smart green color that is very approachable.
Build: Florence Yon / Gizmodo

A few years back I wouldn’t have thought of a mid-range smartphone, Because I knew what I had to compromise. It was only used to find him one Flagship level facilities In a smartphone under $500. Fortunately things have improved has doubled in the last five years.

Apple started this trend The iPhone SE Dark makes way for the “Standard Edition” to bring the device to market. Google quickly followed suit Pixel A.-SerieProving that it can pack premium features into a device without asking too much. Samsung has always had its hand in the mid-range market, but it’s only recently that its Galaxy A series has released something significant under $500.

Last week on Gadgets we covered the latest Google and its pros and cons Pixel 6a-phone. insidePost an email Full review We are confident from the machine at the start of the week When buying a smartphone at this price, one should pay attention to Google’s Tensor chip. Similar to Apple’s strategy in power Its iPhone SE, which shares the same processor as its flagship partners, proves to Google that it’s best to keep things close to home when you adapt. Low budget camera features and manage software updates.

The Pixel 6a’s battery life is also excellent, helped a bit by this algorithm tuning. This is a big achievement for the Pixel 6a as it packs a smaller battery than some of the more expensive models. And yes, that fingerprint scanner is fast too, and it doesn’t beat the Google Pixel 6 thoughIt is more responsive.

The Pixel 6a isn’t perfect. We cover this on the show and explain why 6GB of RAM may not be enough for the longevity this particular device promises. chance Bildwiederholfrequenz 60 Hz You may not like this, especially if you downgraded to an earlier 120Hz device. The Pixel 6a is smaller than most other smartphones, though it’s much bigger It’s still bigger than the iPhone SE.

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