Windows 11: Microsoft reveals unreleased processor



.. but where is the Ryzen 7000X3D?

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Microsoft has added additional models from Intel and AMD to the list of supported processors for Windows 11. Not only new, but previously unreleased CPUs have also been added. Additionally, Intel is ditching the Celeron and Pentium brands for the entry-level series and opting for a new naming scheme instead.

Bad news first: Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn’t go back to the past. So if you’re still using an “old” system, you’ll have to look further down the tube and stick with Windows 10 – because Microsoft has older CPUs. Support list Not added However, the list has been expanded to include processors that have recently been released or have not yet been introduced.

From now on, in addition to the already presented and overclockable K variant, Intel Raptor Lake CPU New 13th generation 16x unreleased SKUs have arrived The “big surprise” won’t happen, but it gives a good overview of the rest of the portfolio: from the Core i3-13100 it goes up to the Core i9-13900T. Models without a name suffix operate at a typical TDP of 65 watts. The T version is particularly energy-efficient and intended for such mini-PCs. However, the listing only mentions names, of course, so far we can only speculate about the main configuration, clock speeds and the like.

New CPUs for entry-level computers from Intel

For entry-level notebook and desktop PCs, Intel appears to be doing without Celeron and Pentium processors for the first time. Instead, CPUs pop up with normal Designation N100 and N200 Windows 11 is on the list. as Hiz Suspected, Alder Lake N processors may be behind it, which does without performance cores and uses only efficiency cores.

Of course newbies too AMD Rafale CPUaka Ryzen 7000, on support-list to seek. Microsoft (unfortunately) hasn’t released any new, unreleased CPUs here. So we’ll probably have to be patient until we get more details about the X3D variant of the Ryzen 7000. Maybe AMD Share more information on CES 2022? We’ll be there and report for you, stay tuned!


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