WiZ Bar Linear Light: Smart lighting with motion detection



Signify brand WiZ’s light bar creates harmonious ambient lighting and can be easily controlled via app or voice. With a software update, the new light can even detect motion – due to interference with WiFi signals.

WiZ is a provider of intelligent lighting systems and, like Philips Hue, belongs to Signify. The big difference with the top dogs in the industry is the connectivity: while most Philips Hue products use a Hue bridge to connect via ZigBee or Bluetooth, all lights and accessories from WiZ Very easily connected via WLAN network. This article explains how to set up a new device using the WiZ app, which is available for free on the Play Store and App Store.

The manufacturer recently presented a complete range of new smart home lighting for indoor and for the first time outdoor areas. including this one WiZ Light Bar, a compact table lamp available individually or in a double pack. The single pack is available on Amazon About 55 eurosTwo lights cost about 94 euros.

In terms of design, the WiZ doesn’t boast much, after all, the main purpose of the light bar is to lie in front of the wall, behind the sofa or under the desk and Harmonious ambient light to make. If the light bar is slightly open on the table, it blocks a large area diffuserThat light is very bright.

Photo: WiZ/Signify

is convenient Power connectors on both sides of the bar located, which makes it possible to connect other light bars and greatly simplifies the location. A single button is located on the back, which can be used to manually turn the light on or off and put it in pairing mode. The lamp then pulses blue until integrated into the home scene via an app.

Photo: WiZ/Signify

in App Individual lamps are assigned to different rooms so that more elaborate setups can be more easily adapted. above Schedules and daily rhythms The user determines that, for example, the lighting in the bedroom fade slowly As the scheduled bedtime approaches.

Numerous thematic color options are also available dynamic mode With color changes to choose from like candlelight or summer colors. during the day will not Infinitely adjustable, for example cool white light for concentration or warm white light for evening reading. App controls work very intuitively, changes are applied immediately. Alternatively, WiZ can also be sent via light Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant Voice control to serve

Photo: WiZ/Signify

who Beta version of the new WiZ app V2 Downloads not only get access to a revised and unified design across OSes, but also the new SpaceSense function This one Motion detection, which detects interference in WiFi signals. The detection sensitivity can be adjusted so that it does not affect pets, for example, but switches on the light when entering the room. This function requires at least two WiZ lights

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