When and why to buy an iPhone, so you clear all doubts



Are you going to buy the new iPhone? Know that there is a right time to proceed with the purchase, in order to save the final price without giving up the latest technologies studied by Apple.

Just a few weeks ago, apple has officially unveiled its new top-of-the-range line-up. The iPhone 14 They are already selling like hot cakes, with pre-order numbers and sales that don’t disappoint expectations.

iphone 20221020 cellulari.it
If you’re looking to buy a new iPhone, be aware that there are certain deadlines you should respect if you want to save on the final price (Adobe Stock).

Are you also fascinated by the charm of bitten apples and have you decided to buy a new iPhone? Know that they exist time and means Which can lead you to one Not just savings. Without giving up all the latest technology designed by Cupertino parts to meet the needs of users.

That’s when it would be best to buy an iPhone

iphone 20221020 cellulari.it
Previous models are cheaper, if you want iPhone 14, we suggest you wait a few weeks before the official launch (Apple screenshot)

You probably already know the first “rule”. When a new model iPhone, the price of the previous version falls. Now that the iPhone 14 has finally become a reality, you can definitely save the variety iPhone 13, 12, 11 and X. They are all equally valid models and that allow to satisfy the needs of each user. But be careful not to go too far back, as you may “get screwed”. From the latest operating system update.

If, on the other hand, you are passionate about the sector and want to stay at all costs Latest model In your hands, however, we advise you not to proceed with the purchase as soon as the sale opens. It might be a good idea to wait just a month or two after the launch, perhaps waiting for offers from In Natal or of Black Friday. This way, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits designed by the Cupertino OEM at a slightly lower cost.

already now The time may be ripe Consider buying an iPhone 14. Almost a month has passed since the keynote presentation, and so it is possible to intercept the first offers. A viable solution may be to contact the various telephone companies in Italy. it could be Vodafone, TIM, Windray or Iliad, There are always convenient packages that offer – with one monthly fee – a combination of smartphone and data offers. So you have it all together and don’t have to spend the entire amount to buy an iPhone at once.


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