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Xiaomi always launches Awesome deviceAnd as soon as he concludes something Continues Create others in a way that surprises the competition as if nothing happened. Above all Understanding what is really important to consumers is very important for society, especially if PurposeIn this case, there will be nothing but to make them all happy from beginning to end. ButA Condition Like the followingWhat happens next? Instrument What can we buy?

Meanwhile, other companies are continuing such designs, Xiaomi and Leica are working on a new awesome mobile phone – Computermagazine.it

We never heard bad news when it came to name Shaomi. It’s impossible not to be happy with what they report to us every time, because we’re probably talking Update Important And that may be of interest to us because it is essential to know them.

Perhaps they are more so when it comes to launching new products; July Xiaomi is officially the month chosen to showcase the brand for the first time Leica Behind a new generation at the top of the range. If you do not understand, we are referring in full Shaomi s12, Which is a smartphone that many people want to have but which is still very little known. What information is there about it and how reliable is it?

News on new phone

The Xiaomi 12s has been unveiled for the first time, with a detail that shakes up the competition
Xiaomi 12s is officially Xiaomi’s next smartphone – Computermagazine.it

The mobile that we will see later will be a mix Intelligent Likes Xiaomi’s hardware and software and great experience Buggy Photographic By Leica; Consolidation will give birth to a special telephone and it will usher in a new era for these violent companies. Sector Where they work. And why shouldn’t they be after all? They have achieved huge success for this action properly.

Also, anyone who doubts the existence of the device, we report that a photo has expired. Weibo The Xiaomi 12s will illustrate: The model code stamped on the back applied plate, if we read it carefully, is similar to the code published by the database in April. IMEI On Xiaomi 12s. The mobile phone in question is, among other things, identical to the “Standard” 12, with the exception of the Leica logo, which makes it somewhat different from its point of view. Design. In conclusion, but not least, the mobile will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 which has already debuted in the previous days.

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