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Apple: One, one hundred thinks. In Cupertino, standing still isn’t a viable option, there’s always excitement and movement, and you can see the many innovations the bite-sized apple company is constantly churning out in every branch of its business.

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After starting the project Dr apple carOf which nothing is known yet, not even an estimated time of release on the market, Apple has reported another project that certainly raises concerns about cars, but every US citizen owns one.

Basically, Apple is implementing Carplay So that motorists owning vehicles that support the application can pay for fuel directly from the system display Information technology Apple branded.

Never get out of the car to pay for fuel

The new service is set up by Apple, a US concern in particular, and should launch soon. Basically, thanks to a deal with an important oil company, through CarPlay, motorists will be able to refuel and pay for fuel using only CarPlay, which obviously has a long hand behind it. Apple.

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This gasoline payment system is a collaboration between Apple and HF Sinclair, an oil company that owns many filling stations in the state. To comment on the operation Jack BurgerHF Sinclair’s vice president of marketing, in an interview with Reuters: “We’re thrilled that consumers can pull up to a Sinclair station and purchase fuel from the car’s navigation screen.

Soon, the test phase, HF Sinclair The payment system will roll out with CarPlay across the country, allowing drivers to take advantage of it Apple CarPlay To pay for refueling costs without additional costs and without additional operations. A few touches on the display to be able to complete the payment and restart after refueling.

The new petrol payment system will be available for hundreds of car models that are already compatible with CarPlay. Operations is expected to debut next fall with a new update to Apple’s software platform. To be able to use it, simply download the distributor’s app, which in this case HF Sinclair But then there will be others, complete the account registration and enter the payment system through Apple Pay. Once these initial few steps are completed, the vehicle will be ready to refuel via the display dell’infotainment.

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