6 Interesting Battery Features on Your Google Pixel



If you want to stay without a power outlet for long periods of time and keep your smartphone for many years, saving and preserving the battery is an important part. Google now has a few options on its Pixel smartphones that allow for better battery management. A review.

Save power when the battery is running low

For example, there is the energy-saving mode. If the day is long, but the battery only has a few percent left, you should rely on this type of function. This limits the functionality of the smartphone. But Google has two different variants for this.

Normal power-saving mode intervenes less harshly. However, network connections are restricted, animations are disabled and dark mode is enabled Users can specify whether the power saving mode should even be turned on automatically.

Extreme power-saving mode severely limits all apps and essentially keeps the device alive with only the most essential functions. However, users can set exceptions so that all apps are not completely restricted. With this mode, Pixel users will even be able to get through several days on a single battery charge.

Battery Features Guide Google Pixel 4

You can enable these options manually through Quick Settings. Or by voice command through Google Assistant.

Save the battery to promote longevity

Other exciting functions are designed to protect the battery during the charging process and use the socket as little as possible. Intelligent batteries are suitable, for example, for adapting the device to your usage behavior. The software optimizes itself after you and intelligently controls certain parts of the software.

There is also adaptive loading. How you use your smartphone also matters here. If you charge it overnight, for example, the battery will charge more slowly, which can have a dampening effect. This means that the full battery level will be reached as quickly as possible before you disconnect the device from the power supply.

Battery Features Guide Google Pixel 2

Configure apps individually

For almost every app, a Pixel phone offers three battery options. For example, you can allow apps to be unaffected by any optimizations. However, value is the optimized option, where your usage behavior is again important so that the apps optimization works.

Restrict is the perfect option so that apps in the background don’t enjoy complete freedom of fools. But this means that with these apps, for example, notifications can only reach you with a time delay But it also depends on how well or poorly made the respective apps are.

Share battery with other devices

A great feature for wirelessly charging wearables is “battery sharing”. This allows, for example, wireless headphones like the Pixel Buds Pro to be powered directly from a smartphone So you are self-contained from the power supply and socket. It also works with other smartphones that support wireless charging.

Battery Features Guide Google Pixel 3

Bonus: Android 13 brings back a better battery gauge. It was already known and will be rolled out with Android 13 QPR1.

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