Actor Bernard Cribbins has died


The world of entertainment has been in mourning in recent months, as great personalities pass away due to illness or even an accident that is out of people’s hands. And now, it is recently known that the actor known Bernard Cribbianswho participated Who is DrUnfortunately, he passed away.

His death was confirmed by no one more or less than his agent manager, confirming that his death at the age of 93 is a reality, although no further details were given, especially how he said goodbye. Of course, he always showed full respect by commenting that he is the actor with the greatest legacy UK.

Bernard Cribbins, the memorable actor who played one of Doctor Who's most famous memes, has died

Bernard Cribbins He was a prominent actor in the world of films and serials, starting his career in 1957, participating in outstanding films such as Railway Children, Wembles, Tufty Fluffy Tail, among other actions. Although he is mostly known for appearing in episodes of famous series Dr. who elseRecognized in the world.

In part, the public who have never seen the series also recognize it for a viral meme, in which it is introduced Wilfred Mott, He is enthralled, to the point of tears, at his grandson’s wedding. Undoubtedly, the loss of the actor will remain in the hearts of those who worked with him, be it co-actors to producers and directors.

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