Alkira promises to quickly install cloud apps with cloud area networking


Cloud Area Network Enterprise promises to integrate, scale and connect cloud installations

Alkira On Tuesday it promised to set up a cloud-based network on demand with its new cloud area networking solution. Alkira describes the offer as a “full stack edge-to-cloud enterprise-grade network” that includes built-in routing and network services. Alkira says this is the only network that is built in the cloud and provided as a service, for which customers do not have to pay any hardware costs and do not have to install any software agents.

For CEO Aamir Khan, the new service is about delivering on the true promise of cloud computing.

“Cloud life was supposed to be easier, but it became more complicated as customers struggled to manage the islands of networking, each with its own rules and tools. They thought they were buying agility, but what came out was a mountain of complexity and technological debt, “said Khan, adding that cloud area networking was” created for the cloud, but based on reality. “

Eat Calculate some challenges Face the initiative when going to the cloud.

“First, there are three completely new classes in networking. Connecting securely to the cloud on-prem. Networking inside the cloud. And networking across cloud regions and multiple clouds. All with their own new and unique requirements.

“Second, the cloud has created a complexity of complexity. Since the apps have moved to the cloud, each cloud region has essentially become its own data center. Own local networking, including user access, security, network service, internet and visibility. The complexity is now multiplied instead of added. Network islands, silos and visibility blind spots are also multiplied. And this complexity also reveals deep skill gaps between IT teams, both in cloud-specific architectures and the networking needed to support them, ”Khan said.

According to the company, Cloud Area Networking is a cloud deployment solution that aims to help enterprises compete with shielded network functions. Cloud area networking automates the creation, operation, and operation of networks, it says.

Cloud Area Networking Photo by Alkira.

“Integration is important and requires specialized cloud knowledge and error-prone manual configuration,” said Alkira, which counts Coach Industries, Warner Music Group, Tekion and others among its customers for the new service.

Alkyra promises to “integrate everything” with cloud area networking, providing end-to-end network function visibility from on-premise to the cloud. This includes visualization of all network traffic, including TracerRoot, Packet Capture, Flow Capture, and Policy Inspection.

Alkira said that cloud area networking is integrated with the Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI / CD) pipeline for effective operational lifecycle management. The platform incorporates application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable network-to-code and policy-as-code deployment methods. The service includes end-to-end app security and compliance policies for managing aggression, aggression, and access control.

“This makes it easy to provide a unified policy stance across the entire on-love and cloud network,” the company said.

According to Alkira, cloud area networking also supports complex multi-cloud installations. The service will automatically connect to the cloud, site, user and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) fabric. It is able to manage fast and secure network service inserts with enhanced protection against service denial (DDoS) attacks and web application firewall (WAF) support to help alleviate the problems of Internet-oriented apps.

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