Amazon is preparing a Spider-Man spinoff for its platform



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It is common knowledge today spider man In cinema, he has various projects, as on the one hand the character of the franchise, on the other hand the hero in his live action version. UCM, and animated tapes located elsewhere. Under this Act, the amazon Transactions will be entered with sony There are several spin offs of the story on their streaming platform.

The contract will be the first series “Silk: Spider Society”, which was developed by its showrunner “The Walking Dead” Angela Kang together with its producers “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”. Kang will serve as executive producer. Commissioned Studio with Sony Pictures Television Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (Producer) is currently under a general contract there.

“Silk: Spider Society” Will premiere nationally on MGM+, followed by a worldwide release Prime Video. Based on the characters created by it And slot y Humberto Ramos for Marvel comics. Follow up Cindy the moon“A Korean-American woman was bitten by the same spider” peter parker, When he escapes from prison and finds his missing family on his way to becoming a superhero silk

This he mentioned Jennifer SalkeDirector A.Amazon Studio:

Amy Pascal, Phil Lord, Chris Miller and Sony’s recent live-action and animated remakes of the Spider-Man franchise have represented some of the most dynamic superhero storytelling in cinema. Together with the creative vision of Angela Kang, we couldn’t be more pleased to bring ‘Silk: Spider Society’ to our MGM+ and Prime Video subscribers.

There is no release date for this series yet.

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Editor’s note: The more Spider-Man products the better, in fact it would be interesting to have so many releases from different universes. Although if I’m honest what I’d like to see is a first trailer for the next Insomniac game.


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