AMD RDNA 3 Navi 31 ‘GFX1100’, Navi 32 ‘GFX1102’, Navi 33 ‘GFX1101’ Discrete Display Core Next 3.2 GPUs, APUs DCN 3.1.4 erhalten


AMD’s 3 RDNA GPUs, including Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33, as well as an integrated APU component are listed under the latest Linux patches.

For AMD RDNA 3 Navi 31, Navi 32, Navi 33 DCN 3.2, RDNA 3 APU supports DCN 3.1.4

So far, a total of four AMD RDNA 3 GPUs have been listed in the range Linux patches and open source LLVN repositories. These include the Navi 31 ‘GFX1100’, the Navi 32 ‘GFX1102’, the Navi 33 ‘GFX1101’ and the GFX1103 which is displayed as an APU, so the version used will probably be from the upcoming Phoenix Point APU range. Details have been collected Koalakanta dreams And it looks like we have new information on which versions of DCN or Display Core Next will support each chip at launch.

For RDNA 3 separate GPU sets, including the AMD Navi 31, Navi 32 and Navi 33 GPUs, the Red Team will upgrade from the current DCN 3.0 engine to the new DCN 3.2.1 engine. On the other hand, the APU does not use the same version as the isolated RDNA 3 GPU family. It has the same chain used by the current RDNA 2 ‘GFX1030’ APU series called the DCN 3.1.4 series. The AMD Sabrina APU uses the DCN 3.1.6 engine.

11.0.0gfx1100 (Navi31)AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100)dGPU
11.0.1gfx1103AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_2 (FAMILY_GFX1103)Sister
11.0.2gfx1102 (Navi32)AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100)dGPU
11.0.3?gfx1101 (Navi33)?AMDGPU_FAMILY_GC_11_0_0 (FAMILY_GFX1100)?dGPU?
AMD’s GFX1103 RDNA 3 APU has been spotted on a new patched Linux with DCN 3.1.4 engine. (Photo credit: Quelkanth Dream)

In terms of features, both DCN 3.2 and DCN 3.1 series seem to support four readable outputs. This was the standard for the RDNA 2 GPU and will be maintained in the RDNA 3 range. Additional data indicates that MALL (Last Level Memory Access) or Infinity Cache is now supported for RDNA 3 / GFX11 GPUs. So don’t expect Infinity Cache to be built on top of Phoenix Point APUs.

AMD Phoenix Point-APU It is expected to be able to carry up to 24 compute units or carry twice as many cores as current Rembrandt APUs, so it will be a big leap in graphics performance for an integrated chip with which it is going to compete. Intel Meteor Lake-chips It packs up to 192 EU in a tiled GPU design. Meanwhile, AMD RDNA 3 GPU-sorted It is set to be a potential competitor to NVIDIA’s next-generation Ada Loveless products, which are expected to be unveiled later this year.

Graphics techniqueGPU-codenameAlternate nameGeneral EngineeringManufacturer
GFX900Road 10GCN 5.0RX Vega / Radion Pro
GFX902RabeRaven Ridge / PicassoGCN 5.0Ryzen 2000/3000 (G / GE)
GFX904Road 12GCN 5.0Vega Pro 20 (Mac)
GFX906Road 20GCN 5.0Radeon VII / Radeon Pro VII
GFX908ArcturuscDNA 1MI100 instinct
GFX90AAldebarancDNA 2MI200 instinct
GFX909Crow 2GCN 5.0TBC
GFX909RenoirGCN 5.0Ryzen 4000 (H / U / G)
GFX1010Navel 10RNS dRX5700 / 5600 (M / XT)
GFX1011Navel 12RNS dPRO 5600M (MAC)
(GFX-1012)Navel 14RNS dRX5500 (M / XT)
(GFX1030)Navel 21Big Navel / Siena CichlidRNS2RX 6900 / 6800.-Serie
(GFX1031)Navel 22Flanders MarineRNS2RX 6700. Serie
GFX1032Navel 23Demagri cave fishRNS2RX 6600. Serie
(GFX-1033)Navel 24Basic BaseRNS2RX 6500 / 6400.-Serie
(GFX-1033)Van GoghErithRNS2Steam surface
(GFX-1036)RaphaelRNS2Ryzen 7000?
GFX1040Van-Gog-Lite / MendokinoGreen sardines?RNS2Ryzen 7000?
GFX1100Navel 31Beautiful blueRNS3Radeon RX7900?
GFX1101Navel 33RNS3Radeon RX7800?
GFX1102Navel 32RNS3Radeon RX7700?
GFX1103Navi 3XPhoenix PointRNS3Ryzen 7000-APU?
(GFX1200)NAVI 4XRNS4Radeon RX8000?

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