An incredible function for motorists disappears: it will no longer be usable



A story of a doomed destiny (short), of a pronounced “death”. Google has other plans for the future of one of the features most used by motorists Which is not less. They have to adapt to change.

More than a year after its introduction, Google has just announced the removal of the card Google Maps which is displayed at the top of the car mode dashboard, commonly known as the home screen.

Android Auto - 20221011
Android Auto –

The entire dashboard Auto mode Google Assistant will be retired on November 21, 2022. A date to remember.

New benchmark for motorists

The screen in question offers a number of useful features, including music suggestions and quick access to audio controls, as well as shortcuts for calls and messages, and can (for now) be accessed via voice commands or a shortcut to home.

In short, with this new strategic decision, the Colossus is off Mountain view Its only true direct successor has decided to exclude Android Auto For smartphones: If for many users it was already a step back, for many others it was not too late.

In any case, everyone should rest their hearts in peace: Google continues to remove from the Assistant, functions that cannot be fully handled by the voice assistant, somewhat e.g. snapshot, Just be clear and automatic mode will be no exception.

Google Maps - Cellular 20221011
Google Maps –

But why did Google make this decision? It was precisely the Mountain View giant that revealed its position, replying to the author Android Police: The decision to say goodbye to the assistant’s automatic mode comes from the fact that most users usually interact with it through Google Maps; For this it will be Map To become the new reference point for motorists.

Instead of accessing dedicated mode, via voice commands or shortcuts at home, everything will flow directly into Google Maps navigation, complete with pop-up notifications for incoming calls and messages.

These prompts can be operated via large icons on the screen or more simply via voice commands, so your hands don’t leave the wheel. The application grid itself is firmly positioned, giving you quick access to various services and shortcuts. And a simpler experience, at least according to Google.

everything, Google is removing Assistant modeBut it won’t affect the user experience: the Maps app is open whenever you tell the assistant where you want to go, even if you start navigating directly from the app, useful functions will be available directly within Maps.

Obviously Android Auto’s successor Google Assistant didn’t have Auto Mode. Users with devices branded by Green Robot will have to deal with this. Too much too.


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