AnkerMake M5: 3D printer now available for pre-order without crowdfunding



With the AnkerMake M5, Anker is entering the 3D printer market. It is aimed at beginners and professionals and offers an intelligent HD camera control, in addition to fast print speeds. You can now pre-order it off Kickstarter, ahead of its launch in local markets.

Updated October 26, 2022

AnkerMake M5 has reached market maturity and completed the crowdfunding phase. The 3D printer is available from October 24th Can be pre-ordered for 849 euros. It is expected to go on sale in mid or late December. However, those who order the filament won’t receive it until January. Anyone can register officially till 31st October website Sign up for the newsletter, get a coupon code for one Gift pack The price is 75 euros. This includes two kilograms of filament and a USB stick with 64 GB. This too Gift pack Will be distributed in January.

We will update on May 10, 2022

After more than a month, the Kickstarter campaign is not only not complete, it has overshot the mark. The US$50,000 goal was reached in just a few minutes, and there is already support for the AnkerMake M5. The price is US$7 million has crossed

It also unlocks targets such as additional print pads (PEI soft magnetic plates) and a metal hotend kit (including cooling block, heating block, 0.4mm nozzle as well as heating rod, temperature sensor and silicone cover). But the real highlight: the new AnkerMake V6 Color Engine. With him you can Multiple colors and materials in one print Using it will enable more unique designs, but above all, of course, multi-colored 3D prints – as seen in the image below.

Photo: AnkerMake

Additional modules are still under development and should Probably in January 2023 come to market However, you can already order the AnkerMake V6 Color Engine. Those who choose to do so will receive an exclusive discount on it and will be among the first to adopt it at launch, according to Anker. here Two add-on options: V6 color engine with 40% discount and 6-color PLA+ filament with 19% discount.

Photo: AnkerMake

if you The AnkerMake M5 is already “ordered” through Kickstarter You can still add Color Engine. To do this, go to Manage Pledge -> Change your Pledge. You can read more details about the AnkerMake V6 Color Engine here.

Original post on April 06, 2022

Anker now offers a very comprehensive portfolio. Apart from smartphones and charging accessories, audio devices and smart home products such as vacuum robots and projectors, a 3D printer has also recently been added. The M5 marks the launch of the new 3D printer sub-brand AnkerMake. In this market segment, companies want to use comfort functions and a fast and Simple construction Standing outside. According to Anker, setting up the M5 takes just three steps and less than 15 minutes. This should appeal to those new to the world of 3D printing.

The camera monitors the printing process and creates a time-lapse

The housing is made of aluminium, weighs 12.4 kg with the base and measures 502 × 438 × 470 mm. The Print area 235 × 235 × 250 mm. Features include a 4.3-inch touchscreen, a pause function and. Auto-leveling (7 × 7). A special feature is the integrated HD camera, which monitors the printing process and automatically stops printing if any errors are detected – such as filament salad.

You will then receive a notification through the app and access the camera feed. Practical: In the dark, an LED light shines on the webcam, which illuminates the printing progress and thus makes it visible. If desired, time-lapse recordings can be made so that they can be shared on social media platforms, for example.

According to the manufacturer, the AnkerMake M5 achieves With a full level of detail, a print speed of up to 250 millimeters per second With an acceleration of up to 2,500 millimeters per square second. Printing time should be 70 percent less than “other 3D printers.”

First on Kickstarter, officially in Germany in the second half of the year

There are companies A Kickstarter campaign for the M5 started, which is not unusual for Anker – in the past, for example, Anker’s projector brand has had some campaigns. There he is for “limited”. Super early bird pricing from 429 USD (about 393 euros) Prophecy. If you’re not quick enough, you can still get it for an early bird price of 499 USD (about 457 euros). In the second half of the year, 3D printers should appear regularly in Germany as well

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