Apple Bank Coming? Innovation that no one expected, here’s how it works



Apple is also gearing up to become a bank. No, this is not a joke but the latest news that the Cupertino OEM has been working on for the next few years. Here’s how it should work

Over the past few years, apple has been able to expand its empire and establish itself as a reference brand for various sectors. Apart from iPhone, iPad and Mac, various Apple watches, AirPods, Apple TV and more have also become cult objects.

Apple Wallet 20221015
Apple is poised to become a bank of sorts, currently only in the US (Adobe stock).

The California company’s idea clearly won’t stop, on the contrary. A number of ambitious projects are at stake and some may materialize within the next few months. One for all: By a bank. You read that right, the number one technology company in the world wants to offer One more solution to its customers.

Apple Bank, the latest innovation designed by the company is incredible

Have you ever thought of that? apple It can be done A bank? A while ago, the California company announced a new savings tool, namely Apple card. This is another tool launched by the Cupertino OEM and will be configured with all financial services currently available to users

Apple Wallet 20221015
Here’s what you need to know about Apple Cards (Adobe Stock).

Comes with high yield savings account Goldman Sachs, One of the most important investment banks in the world. Its availability is already slated for the coming months, and all those residing in the US will be able to find it directly in the Wallet app and They use an Apple Card every day.

The idea is to allow consumers to save their own Daily CashWhich is a cashback tool 1% to 3% on the total cost. This is just the latest in a series of financial tools that the company is making available to American users There is also an example After Apple Pay, A type of Klarna that allows you to split a payment into four interest-free installments.

Once everything is activated, those who join Apple Card will be able to get 3% return On purchases with Apple Pay with select partners like Uber, Walgreens, Nike, T-Mobile and Exxoon Mobil. Then it drops to a percentage for all other purchases. At the moment there is no such news in the rest of the world, but who knows that the success of the initiative will not shock Apple Even to travel on European soil.


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