Apple may be working on a foldable iPad



Is Apple entering the foldable market?

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We can expect the first foldable device from Apple in the next few years. However, it may not be an iPhone model, but rather an iPad. An analyst has now commented on a possible foldable tablet.

Foldable smartphones are no longer unusual: more and more manufacturers are offering related products in the Android sector. Samsung in particular (test: Galaxy Z Fold 4) is considered a pioneer in this field. only apple, as the biggest competitor in the smartphone market, has been held back so far. However, this should change in the future, because according to analyst Ben Wood, Apple has a plan Foldable iPad. Accordingly, the manufacturer will enter the foldable market in 2024.

What might a foldable iPad look like? (Photo: Apple)

In fact, this is not the first time that such a device has been rumored. In early February 2022, Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) spoke first. fold test From Apple. The manufacturer is said to have already released it with a foldable display of up to 20 inches. Bloomberg editor Mark Gurman also thinks a foldable Apple product is likely. However, both Gurman and Young left together Market entry 2025 out

In an interview with CNBC, Wood explained why Apple has avoided the folding trend to date. The production of a foldable iPhone would therefore make little sense, since it is also one high risk will represent The potential cost in particular can be a deterrent. After all, the price of such a device must be higher than a normal smartphone. Can cost more than 2,000 USD. A foldable tablet would be a comparatively more calculable risk. Ultimately, it will tend to be one temporary start Trade in the market.


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