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Thanks to the SmartBird app, Apple’s Dynamic Island is now also available on the Android operating system. Operational possibilities are still limited for now, but this is the first release and it is very likely the first of a long series of apps that will follow the functionality of Cupertino’s new dynamic island. Let’s get into the details.

The SmartBird app is not on the Google Play Store –

No doubt that is new Apple D Dynamic Island It received almost unanimous approval and applause from the public and from both critics and industry insiders. and upcoming forecasts imitationEspecially for other operating systems, compliance is fast

Today we will talk about apps smart birdWhich brings a dynamic island to Android following the one presented by Apple at a recent event Outside of CupertinoStill too many with features for the moment though limitedOnly in Chinese and – carefully considered details – not downloadable via Google Play StoreBut from an independent developer environment.

Not surprisingly, the same demonstration video of the app released via Twitter (which we reported at the bottom of the article), shows a message with money. unequivocalwhich is superimposed by its author: Download “at your own risk” Of course, therefore, it is better to wait for the distribution of the app through reliable stores, but in the meantime let’s see what main features developed

Features of SmartBird’s “Dynamic Island” for Android

Dynamic Island iOS 18 Settembre 2022
La Dynamic Island de Apple –

for iPhone 14 Pro From Apple, the dynamic island of the Smart Bird app is also positioning itself On the front camera At the top of the Android device. The color of the island doesn’t completely hide the hole, but the animation itself shows how Fluid and balanced.

To use, access permission to the application is required Notice and to use Bluetooth. At the moment, only two functions are available to manage concerns Battery chargerWhen the smartphone is connected to it, and its management headphones via bluetooth.

For those more brave who want to download and test it, the download link is present in the published post Twitter. However, it is certain that it won’t take long to wait to find so much play store As per GoogleApp Store Many other apps from Apple dedicated to dynamic islands (of course with more reliability guarantees than this – albeit interesting – case).

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