Beware of this scam on Instagram, it promises discount coupons but you end up penniless –


Even Instagram has now become a hot spot for scams. But what deception should we beware of?

Scams are now everywhere –

Is the Meta app a safe place? I don’t think so

Users for several weeks InstagramEspecially in Italy, dozens of stories are getting tags from accounts created specifically to advertise Shane’s fictitious coupons, which would be the famous online store.

The stories in which you are tagged, as you may have guessed, do not actually entitle you to a voucher to use on the Chinese platform, on the contrary: they hide a scam. And while implementing it, it seems hundreds Account con nomi is fake Which makes it clear that the profile was born a few hours ago, and has no good intentions from the start.

Through these profiles, winning a voucher of several hundred euros, from 400 to 800 precisely, to spend on the Shin site, is advertised and tagged in stories. Several real users. The criminals in question then hope that, once they receive the tag notification, they will see the phantom win and proceed to redeem it.

This is not only cheating, but also a double-edged sword

Beware of this scam on Instagram, it promises discount coupons but you will find yourself penniless.
We are very careful not to fall into it, especially in this period –

To get them, in theory, it would be enough to go to the site indicated in the story in question or in the post that tagged you. Here, later, it’s suggested to fill out a quick survey on a fake page that looks like this Official site By Shein at a cost of only 2 euros. Anyone who believes in this stuff is obviously willing to pay two euros for an 800-euro voucher, and if so, it wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

To make this payment, read carefully, you have to enter your details Credit card. In fact, by allowing this payment, a kind of subscription is activated which, after a few days of “trial” for €2, automatically withdraws €43.50 from the credit card every two weeks.

So it is clear that not only does the 800 euro voucher not exist, as can easily be imagined, but we will be charged more. 80 euros per month For a service we’ve never wanted to subscribe to and still don’t quite know what it does It can be much more dangerous than it seems “on us”, so let’s be careful where we enter our data.

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