Billionaires in No Man’s Sky are shocked by a market crash on a galactic scale



A No Man's Sky player contemplates his indium farming machine on a barren planet.

As of early last week, increasingly active indium was one of the easiest ways to make big money No one has heaven. Players find a deposit, drop lots of drills and surround it with storage bins. Science fiction ore river. They only had to replace it at the station, about 1,000 units at a time. But not anymore. the end Wegpunkt-update Cash crops, and nerfed into oblivion No one has heavenThe Marauder Emperors take out one of their interstellar capitalist overruns for their now-useless sign.

A gamer named TheOneGingerman said, “I spent a lot of time building AI mines that could give me unnecessary income.” writing No one has heaven underreddit. “This update has reduced their revenue, but I’m fine with that to be honest. The mines I built were an exercise in producing more than I needed to build.”

No one has heaven This is a beautiful space slide for you to explore Millions of different worlds at your leisure. You can build bases, explore, fight pirates and even form a galactic council. While some players move into the space to escape the constraints of the modern market, others venture there to embrace it. Some established profitable trade routes. Others plunder rival frigates. Several went on to farm some of the most profitable materials in the galaxy.

Activated Indium has long been one of the trusted money makers. It is found only in planets orbiting blue stars. It can be refined as a crate item or sold as a commodity on the open market for a full 949 units. No one has heavenIts economy had unlimited demand, so players dealt with it with an almost unlimited supply and shared photos of their massive farming projects on social media. They made everything Nuclear reactor platform Mir Huge floating space bridge.

Screenshots show the exterior and interior of a Fallout Farm on an irradiated planet.

“[This is] My first big active indium farm is ItSmellsLikeJim wrote on the subreddit Screenshots were shared last month showing massive piles of mineral extractors attached to a series of massive buildings and associated infrastructure. “20,000 hours/120,000 hours of storage. The above supply line works. As with surgery, there are no diminishing returns. Get anything you want.” Players were drowning in active indium, so they were generous, Gift it to random strangers. These new players can then upgrade their ships, travel the galaxy or use the starting money Build your own farm. Some are produced on farms million units Every day. aharon Earn billions.

A player who chose nmskibbles built Fallout Farm on a “highly radioactive” and “wild” planet two years ago. He says that there are usually good things my box. No one has heaven He didn’t have cross-games back then, so he made the exact same farm on PS4 so that players there could benefit as well. How long did it take? “About 10 hours of cable interference,” he said wrote on reddit in time

That all changed when the “Waypoint” update on October 7 simplified a large part of the game. Players soon find that the price of indium has dropped to just 165 units. More serious is that the manufacturer has also reduced the efficiency of Halo Games drilling. Where previously players could stack hundreds of extractors on top of each other, they now experience diminishing returns for each additional advantage built on the same deposit. Some players estimate that their farms now take 50 percent longer to collect the same amount of indium.

“Really frustrating because I’ve worked so madly to build some huge AI farms that now I think are worthless?” Galaxy Galavanter wrote on the subreddit. “Unfortunately, the day before v4.0, I created an active indium farm that erodes it so I only get 8 million units every 26 hours, which is pretty good considering I got 8 million storm crystal units in less than 25 minutes. No. actual_material_5915 book.

Drysilver 0

something No one has heavenThe company’s biggest entrepreneurs are effectively treating the recent market crash as a grand reset. While some are saddened to see their now useless indium farms, many are relieved that there is a new world to conquer. “Reduced active indium prices after an update created other opportunities to make units attractive again,” said Kashkarun, a former farmer. my box. “I’m now back to old school methods like collecting storm crystals and ancient bones as well as growing plants to make circuit boards, living glass and liquid explosives. I really enjoyed those aspects before activated indium made them somewhat redundant. I’m glad they Some objectives have been restored.”

Money never sleeps, not even inside No one has heaven. A group of players who started the indium boom are already looking for a new market to sink their billions into. While some lean heavily toward crystals, others pursue stagnation and chlorine devices. “You Should Do a Chlorine Scam”, Important Page 93 Recommended on the subreddit. “Build an oxygen farm and grow chlorine with oxygen. I make about a billion a day working a few hours.”

The No Man's Sky player looks down a row of indium extractors.

But it seems that gold is the most profitable raw metal due to the death of active indium. At least until the next nerf. It currently costs about 350 units each, which is brain-breaking for some players because unlike indium, which requires a “blue star” solar system, gold can be found almost anywhere. “They disabled the indium farms, so now everyone will have the inefficient task of rebuilding their farms as gold farms because those are the best.” Complaints about the radiator lining. “They should at least make the AI ​​better than gold so people don’t have to rebuild. But this update seems to start again.”

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Among many changes and additions, the Waypoint update introduced a new Relax mode for players to adventure with minimal danger. You can even drop the price of any in-game item to zero. For those looking for a challenge to increase the difficulty for a more survival-oriented experience, this “Creation Mode” wallpaper has something to spare. No one has heaven Residents of the capital are looking for a new playground.

“Anyone can redo your very hard work in minutes now; for reasons I’m told to stop.” LastPint508 book. “IDK Patch made me an extra ship worth half a billion, I sold that thing, money is worthless now.”


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