Brendan Fraser’s new film, The Whale, has already received a score from the press




One of the most awaited films of the year the whaleTape which actors Brendan Fraser Glory would have returned, as it has been appreciated by the audience at film festivals. However, the case of film critics is a little different, which is why some have already started giving their ratings to get the average that gives us such a long-awaited number.

on its page Rotten tomatoes, where many ratings are collected from the Hollywood industry, it can be seen that the film has an acceptable percentage of approximately 71% and makes it a decent project. However, a film is 80% considered something to remember, so the press didn’t like some of the elements.

Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 10.16.54Here are some comments:

Citizen Dame: “The Whale” turns out to be a meaningful portrait of a suffering outcast. He just doesn’t get what he wants.

LansernOnFilm: Fraser’s performance is grounded in a gentle, even seductive, belief in the dignity of all.

London Evening: Even a fit Brendan Fraser can’t redeem this stage melodrama, filled with clich├ęs and the sophisticated “fat suit” Fraser always wears.

Fearless Living : With a tiny soul who claims to be empathetic, she consists almost entirely of people yelling at each other in a way that seems manipulative, and she has almost no control over most of her characters.

That Shelf: The Whale provides a transformative experience thanks to the heart that Fraser summons from deep within the belly of his prosthetics.

Remember that the whale is set to premiere on December 9 The theater.

Through: Rotten tomatoes


Publisher’s Note: Although it did well in various film festivals, critics in the film world seem to have not liked it. To draw conclusions though, it would be best to see for ourselves.


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