Candy Cinematography – Newshooter



On the latest Go Creative show, podcast cinematographer Simon Dennis BSc talks about how he created an authentic and supersaturated world for Candy in the early 1980’s, which is now in Hulu.

Simon and Go Creative show host Ben Consoli discuss why he chose Sony Venice and custom-tuned lenses to make candy and how the look was inspired by William Eggleston and Napoleon Dynamite. They dive deeper into the 1:66 aspect ratio, the challenge of working with child actors, and how a multi-camera looks like a single camera.

You can listen to the whole episode above.

Subject covered

  • How color and saturation represent the plot (03:35)
  • Napoleon being influenced by dynamite (09:15)
  • 1980s reconstruction through cinematography (13:18)
  • Shooting with limited daylight (17:14)
  • Why 1.66 shape ratio is important (20:10)
  • Simeon’s method of shooting wide shots (24:09)
  • Creating a “vinyl” look with distorted lenses (30:31)
  • Candy Lighting Outlook (36:25)
  • Working with actor Justin Timberlake (40:32)
  • Deconstructing courtroom scenes (50:02)