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You know, today’s review Ragnarok is the god of warVideo games that will stop history Kratos And his son is the first we see in the Nordic world 2018. And given the positive reception from the media, it was only logical that the originator of the story, David JafHe had to give his opinion on the network.

through a video TwitterThe former franchise developer congratulated the team Santa Monica Studios, noting that he read the immersion between the history and gameplay that the title contained. He also talks a little Eric Williams, The game’s director, announced that they were working together when they were in Jaffe sony.

For its part, it speaks to the process that the franchise had to go through years ago, since it had to assemble a team that could compact with its vision to get the results we’ve seen. PS2. Added to this was the amount of information they had to scramble from Greece to give them the correct information and their coordination between files.

They also remember the time in the video’s comments that he mentioned that this could be a major DLC, something the developer mentioned months ago. Still, he says he still stands by his comments, but it was never meant to offend, except for the marketing department who thought he didn’t do a good job.

Remember that Ragnarok is the god of war Launch andNovember 9 on PS4 and PS5.

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