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Who knows if it will end up as anus horribilis, but 2022 will go down in Netflix history for a disastrous quarter that saw an avalanche of first-time subscribers lost and also the cancellation of a famous account that had existed for 13 years and over 900,000 tweets.

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This was confirmed by a spokesperson Netflix Variety, Netflix CS customer support is unrelated to the company’s recent cost-cutting moves amid a shrinking subscriber base. Rather, the move is about the streamer concentrating customer support efforts on company-owned platforms that are still number one in the world, at least according to OTT spokespeople.

account @Netflixhelps Twitter was created in February 2009, when the success of Netflix, initially a DVD-by-mail provider, and its streaming service was in its infancy.

Customer support is off, the new iOS button and no more shares

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Until June 30, 2022, Netflix The California social network has stopped providing online support to users without explanation.

Netflix has confirmed that the company has discontinued customer service support Twitter Starting from that date. But users continued to tweet @Netflixhelps In the past few weeks, even if the account no longer responds to requests.

The US giant in Internet distribution of movies, television series and other paid entertainment content continues to offer three customer support options: telephone support by country; online chat through its website; And call Netflix from the Streamer app for phone or tablet Android o iOS

As Netflix’s subscriber base shrinks in the first half of 2022, the company has taken several cost-cutting measures. In the second quarter Netflix made several rounds of layoffs, severing nearly 500 employees and taking a $70 million severance charge for the period.

It also recorded an $80 million impairment charge related to the curtailment of certain office leases in the second quarter. Content spending has also slowed: Netflix now expects to spend $17 billion in cash (compared to an earlier forecast of $18 billion) and content spending for 2023.”similar level” So said CFO Spencer Newman At the beginning of the week

For the record: @Netflixhelps’ first tweet – in March 2009 – informed subscribers that, for some reason, the horror film had been released on DVD.Right one day” had different subtitles from the theatrical release. Until we meet again.

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