The update improves the speed of Xbox Series X|S|Atomix


One element that best represents the new generation is that loading times are essentially zero. Although we see this mainly with games, its users Xbox Series X|S You can already enjoy this first hand, from Booting the Microsoft console is now five seconds faster.

As The Verge points out, a new console update is now available to all Xbox Insider Program users. Also, Josh Muncie, from the Xbox Marketing Department, Confirmed that initial console animations are now shorter.

Just as you can see in the video, From the moment you turn on the Xbox Series X|S and have full control of the console, only eight seconds pass. By comparison, you had to wait about 13 seconds before this update. While this may be seen as a minor improvement, it shows the power of Microsoft consoles.

On a related note, someone managed to install Windows 98 on an Xbox Series X|S. Likewise, Discord is now available on Xbox.


Editor’s note:

Undoubtedly, an improvement that may not mean much on the surface, but in the long run it will improve the performance of the console. It should not be forgotten that of the two new generation consoles, it is the Xbox Series X that has the most power, and this is one way to use it.

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