Elon Musk will invest in this municipality in Mexico




This is not news Mexico It has been one of the growing forces in various fields, it happened recently with video games and of course with tourism and factories. For this reason, some foreign entrepreneurs are said to be willing to invest Elon Musk I would be interested in the state the new lion

It is said that businessman Tesla Recently met the governor Nuevo Leon, Samuel Garciawith other local officers in the State and Ken Salazar, its ambassador America inside Mexico. This has been mentioned by sources who have not yet verified that the information is 100% true.

A spokesman for the government of the bordering state declined to comment. For his part, no Tesla TSLANo embassy States has joined They responded to a request for comment. It is worth commenting that the future owner Twitter It has some direct interest in the municipality santa Katarina.

This is what many media have said musk visited Mexico, and who later met with political officials to negotiate behind closed doors. There is no comment on how he will invest or if he is interested in setting up some kind of business with official headquarters in this Latam country.

Through: Mexico news


Editor’s Comment: Sure Musk’s visit is pretty suspicious, I don’t think it’s just to eat and laugh with political officials. So of course we will train what he is doing.


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