Email: No longer reaching users, widespread problem | Solution in just few steps



Many users are complaining about problems with their personal email. If you are no longer able to receive new messages, do not panic: this is a common abuse. But there is a quick fix to fix it immediately

The email Over the years they have been an essential tool in virtually anyone’s life. They are used to create new accounts, receive newsletters, communicate with colleagues or professors. But also to save and send large files or request information via support.

Gmail 20221023
Are you having trouble receiving email? This is happening to many people, but there is a simple and effective solution (Unsplash).

Create a box It’s that simple. Choose a provider from only available, enter your credentials and choose email address In a few minutes you should be done. Then we have to be careful Keep all the different folders “clean”, Otherwise you can run into a serious problem. If you are no longer able to receive email, know that there is a convenient and effective solution.

Are you no longer receiving emails? Here’s how to fix it right now with Gmail

Gmail 20221023
Just delete large files and free up memory (unsplash)

If you can’t receive it email From other people, you’ll probably get this message: “You’re running out of storage” Yes, memory is key for the proper functioning of your email address. But there is a very simple solution, at least with Gmail: Free up space. In this sense, a strategy is given Directly from Google. By creating an account, you have 15 GB Megh Esterno Simply move bulky files for free, so you can always have them with you without burdening internal storage

Or you can Delete all emails with heavy attachments And that occupies several gigabytes. How to spot them immediately? Just go to the search bar and type Alt Size:[size in bytes] There is: attachment Insert the required size in curly brackets. Thus, all emails received with attachments equal to or larger than the entered image will be output.

There is also the possibility of exploiting other filters such as Bigger, bigger_than, smaller or smaller_than. You will then be able to easily view all messages within your self-chosen weight range. Proceed by excluding the largest emails at the attachment level, and you will see that your Gmail account It will start working like new again. The procedure can be repeated as many times as you like, so that there is always useful space to store new content.


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