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During the tenth episode of its eighth episode The Simpsonsknown The Secret Springfield Files, Milhouse can be seen playing in a special arcade. It was not just any machine, but an adaptation known as cinema water world. Although it was an invention of the series at the time, It was recently revealed that the game, inspired by the Kevin Costner film, is already a reality.

Like many other fake games The Simpsons, a dedicated fan is tasked with making it a reality. On this occasion, the user known as Mawcaw45, spent hundreds of hours creating an arcade title from water worldComplete with a design inspired by the Fox series.

The attention to detail goes beyond its visual department, since, like the episode, you have to insert 40 virtual coins to start. luckily, The game is free to play, and anyone with a PC can download Mawcaw45’s work without any problems.

This is the first time we see something like this. In the past, fans took it upon themselves to create playable versions of it Lee Carvalho’s putting challenge, and even iconic moments from the series, such as “Steamed Hams”. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if we’ll see a real game of The Simpsons in the future, or a remastering. hit run.

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