Fans make the best animated shorts of Dragon Ball Atomix 2


In 2018, a small animation studio announced a project that would pay homage A kind of Bangachitra. Now, four years later, The long awaited animation is finally complete, and the final work is simply spectacular.

Legend – the story of a dragon ball An animated short of about 12 minutes, created by Nass Pasha and Studio Stray Dogs. The story begins with a clash between Goku and Milk at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament. Still, Things are not happening as you remember themSince the amazing appearance of broccoli and veggies changes the events in a very interesting way.

Regarding the project, Pasha commented on it:

“Animation requires a lot of time, energy, focus, budget and time. We all had it without a budget. My whole team did it just for the sake of Dragon Ball Z and the project. “

Its artistic style Legend – the story of a dragon ball The classic granular footage returns to the aesthetic and 2D art style From the anime in the early 90’s to the liquid sakugar fusion we associate with modern sound anime. No doubt, first class job.

In related matters, a new Dragon Ball game has been leaked. Similarly, Fortnite There may be a collaboration with this anime.


Editor’s comment:

Legend – the story of a dragon ball It just looks spectacular. The animation is top notch, and it’s a great tribute to all the action scenes featuring Akira Toriyama’s work. This is something that all fans must see.

Via: Studio Stray Dogs

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