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During the generations of PS2, GameCube and Xbox we saw what are for many the best licensed games in history. Like the title The Simpsons Hit and Run y Spider-Man 2 They always appear on the list of games that deserve a remake. Now with fever ring of powerPublic has started A petition for recall of EA The Lord of the Rings: The Towers y Return of the King.

These two EA games are adapted from movies of the same name. Here we are presented with an action RPG that allows us to relive the most iconic events and battles of the Peter Jackson adaptation. Thus, Two users in particular have started a few campaigns on To create remasters of these titles.

To begin with, we have requests Thibaut VWhere it is indicated that the EA should be remastered Two towers y Return of the King, something that more than three thousand people support. However, it is Rishoi Which is followed by more people. This user doesn’t just want to see The Lord of the Rings work, But also the classic Harry Potter games. This is what he said:

“In the early 2000s, Electronic Arts entered into an agreement with AOL Time Warner (now WarnerMedia) to develop and publish video games based on the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings franchises.

However, the LOTR and Harry Potter games made under EA cannot be released due to the licenses having expired years ago. So if Warner Bros is able to reach a potential license renewal deal with EA so that the latter can publish their older Harry Potter and LOTR games, it would mean a lot to fans of the Wizarding World and Middle-earth.”

Rishoi’s words resonated with nearly 15,000 people, is only a few dozen away from fulfilling its objective. However, these requests are not a guarantee that your claims will be true and certainly will not happen. The problem with licensing games is that multiple companies have the necessary rights to make such projects a reality, so it becomes a legal nightmare and big companies like EA simply prefer not to bother.

In related matters, ring of power In the same way reviews were bombarded, content disappeared from Lord of the Rings Multiversus.


Editor’s Comment:

We request to see these games again. However, this will not happen. The licensing issues involved in remastering these games are certainly not worth the number of copies they can sell. Fortunately, these titles are not so expensive to obtain today.



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