Farewell to domestic work, now Dyson will take care of it with his new robot –


Dyson’s company is thinking of a number of interesting ways to design and program robots that may surprise us like never before. But what products do you have in the pipeline and when should they be ready?

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DysonA company that we all know for sure is currently working to make life easier for those who face a lot of hatred, but at the same time important, Housework. After making his vacuum cleaners very popular, he is now thinking of throwing Market Of Robot Those who will be able to conduct some domestic activities with full autonomy, so without the intervention of a man to guide them.

Obviously it will take time to see them in the market, but Dyson has already revealed Some prototypes And hiring several engineers who will improve them as part of a project that will last five years. One example might be mechanical weapons that tidy up toys scattered around the house, others that set tables, and robots that vacuum sofas; In short, there really is Everything and more.

Dyson’s plan

Farewell to domestic work, now Dyson takes care of it with his new robot
Dyson has always produced useful devices for the home –

Dyson, continued, also announced Project During the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, these days Philadelphia For those who have not been informed about it, and it has launched a specific recruitment campaign that is very specific and, at the very least, essential to achieving it. The goal.

Currently, can rely on Dyson 250 engineers Robotics with experience in computer vision, machine learning, sensors and mechatronics, but hopes to hire more. 700 In the next 5 years. In addition to empowering staff, he wants to build what he wants to be the world’s largest robotics research center. State United.

It will take place at Hulawington Airfield, close to the company’s design center, and will be a fully-fledged venue. Build robots For the house. Research programs will also be conducted in a laboratory in London and at the company’s headquarters in Singapore. We end with a statement Jack DysonThe company’s chief engineer, who commented:This is a big bet on future robotic technology that will guide Dyson’s research in areas such as mechanical engineering, vision systems, machine learning and energy saving.

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