Forget the phrase “he’s online but not responding”, they won’t be able to tell you anything else if you do. Everyone is using it



Finally, a big news is about to come and prepare to save the lives of those who often hear the words “he is online but not responding”. Here’s what you need to know about how it works and how it works

The Messaging platform They have become an important tool in virtually anyone’s life. These are completely free software and they allow you to log in From countless unique features. For example, you can exchange messages, photos, videos, audio or even call and video call friends, relatives and colleagues.

WhatsApp web 20221022
You can choose who can see online status (Adobe Stock)

without forgetting account business, which allows business managers to communicate directly with customers. Among the most talked about features, it is impossible not to mention it “Online” status and last access. Who has never heard other people say that “he’s online but he’s not responding”? This issue will no longer arise as new features are introduced.

WhatsApp has introduced an innovation for online status: here are the details

WhatsApp web 20221022
A big news will soon become part of the PC version, to the delight of all users (Adobe Stock)

After a long wait, WhatsApp He is going to introduce a big news about computer programs. It can be handled individually Who can see online status and some less. A tool that has already been released in the past For mobile version, And now it will also be enlarged Your computer. Everything is already available for its client for Windows in beta version, and soon the number of users who will have the function enabled should increase.

By activating the tool, only a select number of people will be able to view Whether we are active in the application. To hide status from unwanted users, you need to access WhatsApp settings, go to account and then press privacy button. “Who can see my personal information” will pop up, the section is then divided into different subsections. This includes last access e Online From here you can choose “Who can see last login” and “Who can see online”.

There is no concrete information yet on the global rollout of this feature for those who use it Publishes the web version of WhatsApp. Considering that the beta has just been updated, it will probably take a few weeks to get to the stable version.


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