Fortnite players get free chrome punk skin, check your eligibility



FortniteMares 2022 is finally here and introduces many new items, game modes and cosmetics for players to celebrate the Halloween season. From exterminating zombies across the map to their escape in the Witch’s Broom myth, players have been waiting for a long-awaited thrilling experience.

Now that the update is finally here, it also brings several beauty collaborations, starting with Rick and Morty’s Sommer and Mr. Messex To Ash Williams from the movie Evil Dead. Also, many other survey skins and ideas can make their way to Royal Skin Island.

However, for players who are unable to purchase clothing from the item shop for various reasons, Fortnite has something for everyone in their gift bag. Players can now earn free clothing and cosmetics by completing a certain number of quests during FortniteMares 2022. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Fortnite has announced a free Chrome Punk feature that players will get during FortniteMares 2022

completely #Fourteen days Chrome Punk Tasks for Free Skins, Backs and Loading Screens 1. Earn 10 Account Levels – Bonus: Chromeseed Backbling2. Win 25 Account Level – Bonus: Graveyard Rave3 Loading Screen. Earn 50 Account Level – Bonus: Chrome Punk SkinVIA: Embedded Tweets

Epic Games added new Chrome Punk quests to game files with the recent Halloween update As previously mentioned, players will have to complete three different mission stages before getting their hands on the Chromeseed Backbling, Graveyard Rave, and Chrome Punk outfits. Frei.

Here are all job descriptions and their rewards:

  • Earn 10 Account Levels: Chromeseed Backbling
  • Earn 25 Account Level: Graveyard Rev Loading Screen
  • Earn 50 Account Level: Chrome Punk Skin

This means players must level up their accounts by completing weekly, daily milestones and special events FortniteMares 2022 Work from the Quests tab. However, players should note that account level is separate from their XP level, which can be checked in the Career tab in the game menu.

There is currently no end date for the mission, but Epic may announce one at a later date. Also, Chrome Punk has been added as an NPC to the map and can be seen roaming the island. The official description on the characters tab is as follows:

“Pirate and carve your way to victory. Chrome Punk is a well-known pioneer of the ‘guard-core’ underground music scene. His attitude is unprecedented, with the exception of his brother Punk, with whom he disagrees.”

A similar skin called Punk was released in the item shop a few years ago and had a similar structure to Chrome Punk, but the skin was hated by the community. However, his ax was spotted by the Bash Burner group Pay to win It was later dropped by Epic due to faster swing rates.

FortniteMares 2022 starts today and players can experience the horror on the island until November 1st at 2:00pm ET when it ends.

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