Gamers pay artists to protect certain aspects of the console wars




Today it seems that the console war has risen from the ashes, because there are people who are against consoles play station And others who don’t like it Xbox. And while everyone discusses it within their community, there are those who take it to another level, involving great voice actors, including yourself. mario Castaneda.

A video has circulated on the networks where the artist shows his displeasure with the console Xbox, although he doesn’t give any insults or anything like that, he speaks politely which matches the subject. It is worth commenting that he was paid in advance to deliver this message, so his legitimacy would be lost almost instantly.

Here is his message:

It is worth noting that the message was specifically against Xbox Series S, the console that although it is quite powerful, it is noted that it is limiting the generation to not launch such powerful games. However, these are just speculations that are floating around, so it’s not credible until then Microsoft Claim the opposite.

On the other hand, towards Xbox opposite play station We have the same Alfredo adam, who spread a message against “Pipera” people, although his paid message was a bit more direct and serious. Thus losing the picturesque touch Mario Castaneda Put in his video, and maybe it will annoy more than one fan play station.

Here you can see it:

Undoubtedly, the console war is stronger than ever, more to see who reaches the sum in the new generation, although for now there is no game that completely squeezes it, it is for both sides. However, this is a problem that will unfortunately never end, at least until the brands no longer exist.

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