Goodbye WhatsApp: Deleted Forever, Messages That Terrified Users



A surprising news surfaced recently on the WhatsApp front. The message has already terrified users, it will be possible to delete it forever. Here’s what you need to know about it

WhatsApp It is considered to be the most used messaging platform till date. A success and a reputation that has been built over the years, thanks to the care taken by the team of developers. There are several Features launched in 2022And still waiting to see the light by the end of some years.

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WhatsApp just launched a new feature that’s already causing buzz (Adobe Stock)

The goal of the development team is to provide a service that is as good as possible cComplete and convenient for consumer requests. And it will be the same in the future too, at least according to the latest rumours. Meanwhile a new feature has been launched which is discussing a lot, A message that panics certain users.

WhatsApp, here are all the details of the latest news announced

A big change that just launched WhatsApp, is set to change the way users use messaging platforms forever. For some time, it has been possible to delete sent messages. For yourself or for all, the word that appears with another person “The message has been deleted”. Speech also extends to groups, any user can delete any photo, video or just a sentence sent.

whatsapp 20221106
This is how it works (Adobe Stock)

But things may soon change, or rather spread to more people. According to what has emerged, in fact, WhatsApp has decided to offer more capabilities Group chat administrator. It will be possible for them to delete any message, Even if posted by other users. The goal is to guarantee as complete an administration as possible, not only on itself, but also on what other users want to write.

The feature is already available for everyone, On both iOS and Android. If you’re still unable to delete the content of other members of a group where you’re an admin, don’t despair: the update hasn’t arrived yet. You may need to visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store to perform Manual upgrade After the application, you will also be able to delete all the messages by simply holding and then tapping on “Delete for all”.


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