Google fans want smaller Pixel phones



In fact, devices larger than 6 inches have always been too big for me, but you get used to it and the Pixel 7 is pretty easy. Even so, the new Android smartphone, already shrunk compared to the Pixel 6, can’t even satisfy the community’s desire for smaller devices.

The question is, of course, where the sweet spot for a small smartphone will actually be. Apple didn’t hit him again with the iPhone mini. While the iPhone 13 Mini with its 5.4-inch display was a good size in my opinion, the iPhone SE with just 4.7 inches belongs to a long-forgotten past.

Currently, 6 inches seems to be the magic limit which is still attractive. The Pixel 6a scratches it, but at about 8mm it’s significantly longer than the Pixel 5 with a sleek 6 inches. At 6.3 inches, the Pixel 7 can’t keep up with the 74mm width. One hand operation is an important factor.

The community still clamors for smaller Pixel phones

anew a post Shot up by many approvals on reddit, which talk about small Pixel phones. There is a large community who at least claim it. Whether they will actually be potential buyers is another matter entirely.

You have to see one thing: small devices hardly have room for today’s technology. A high-end camera with multiple sensors, plenty of battery for a 120 Hz display, and various other things that are ultimately hard to find in less than 6 inches. So you have to do without technology, since high-potential is rarely possible in a small size.

In my opinion, we will only find everything around 6 inches in the middle class and it fits the mass market quite well. Sony tries it a little differently, but the “small” top model Xperia 5 IV costs 400 euros more than the Pixel 7. We can definitely close the Pixel Mini topic.

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