Google logo changes: final farewell, discovery that scares users



This time, a big news is coming to Google in terms of graphics. News that concerns users with the final farewell is already spreading on the web. Here’s what you need to know

Even today if Google Considered one of the most important companies in the world, much of its success is due to the many updates and attention to detail that Big G always reserves for its services.

App Google 20221022
Google has several useful updates that will affect flagship apps that are present by default on Android (Unsplash).

in Apps, Programs, Additional Services And much more, Mountain View Giant aims to assure users everything they need with a simple click. Apart from updates related to specific features, there is no dearth of them dedicated to the interface. From a logo point of view, it is like the last one dedicated to some smartphone apps that are preparing to change forever.

Google, some app logo changes: Here are all the details

App Google 20221022
The idea is to align the three main services offered by Big G with the graphics of other apps on Android for greater uniformity (screenshot).

According to what has emerged in the last few hours Smartphone Android They must prepare for a series of necessary news. Especially from an interface perspective, with Google app Who are forever ready to change graphically. Google Phone, Contacts and Messages All three of these services are – at least momentarily – affected by the reinstatement. Big G will now be ready to launch the new icon. There is also a screenshot that shows how the company has studied the new look of its flagship smartphone services. It even seems that everything is already at the distribution stage For a certain number of users.

The graphic update was designed to align the three services with Android. The new material is false, which you assume Both on Android 12 and Android 13has long been a reality. With the idea of ​​making everything more homogeneous, the three icons will resemble chat apps. The global rollout should begin next week. Everything should happen automatically, with the changes being inserted The servers themselves. You won’t need to manually update your phone and its software to enjoy updates: Google takes care of that.


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