Google should actually release the Pixel series again



Like previous years, fans of the Pixel series have been waiting for the new devices for months. It’s a rather fortunate circumstance that the Pixel series even made it to the seventh generation. Regardless, it’s not because of the sales figures.

Google has reportedly sold less than 30 million units of the Pixel series since its launch in 2016. That’s about a tenth of what Samsung sold in Galaxy phones in 2021. It would take Google 60 years to sell as many Pixel phones as Samsung sells in a year.

Google provides the foundation that Android absolutely needs

But Google does not compete with Apple and Samsung. Google is only relying on its own devices for a decent Android device that works as the company envisions. Especially in the home market. Google makes Pixel devices for itself, a small community, and many other manufacturers.

Google Pixel 3 and 4 head

If we look at Samsung in particular, the group has only broken new ground with its Galaxy phones after Google established it with its Pixel line. Today, Samsung has relatively light software to begin with, delivers new Android updates fairly quickly, and offers the best update guarantee among Android OEMs.

During the Nexus era, the Android ecosystem had a disastrous run

If we remember the wild days of the Nexus series, the Android world was truly a complete disaster and Google simply could not implement its own ideas for an Android smartphone. It has been greatly modified and improved with the now clean lines of the Pixel series, which is being developed entirely in-house.

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