GTA VI Leaker Map Size Revealed


There have been many rumors about the development in recent days gta vi, Including the name of the city where the story takes place, as well as the main characters. And in order not to get caught off guard, a leaker mentioned how long the map the player will be able to explore in the title might be.

According to Enthusiast Rockstar Games, Matheusvictorbr The long-awaited video game map is as big as it gets red dead redemption 2, Which is a big deal, especially when you add up Guarma, the second independent in the game. The leaker also mentioned that the game will have one more map that will take players on caribbean.

Some ask what the map dimensions of the next Grand Theft Auto title will be like. As far as I know the map is as big as RDRII at the moment, I heard the Caribbean islands will be included, but not in the open world.

As for the main zone, the user from Brazil said that it will not be more than that Vice CityThe fictional version of the franchise, which can be emulated Florida. Even some of the details are confusing, and they should only be taken with a pinch. But it is possible that such information will continue to emerge Rockstar Games Issue an important statement.

In related news GTA, it is said that the latest game is not the first to include a woman as a protagonist, given that in other installments we have already seen characters of this genre. If you haven’t read the entire note, we leave you with the following link So that you know everything in detail.

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