How to view your Spotify stats and what they show


If you are someone who likes to pay attention to your statistics on various occasions, you will want to know how to view your statistics on Spotify. You can track your stats to review your listening habits, see what you’re listening to and much more.

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Short answer

To view your stats on the Spotify desktop (top artist and best track of the month), open the Spotify desktop app or web player and your Profile. Yours Top artists this month And Best track this month Your display name and profile picture will appear below.

To view your stats on Spotify Mobile (recently performed artists), open the Spotify mobile app and your Profile. If you have Artists have recently performed Switch in SettingsYou will see yours Artists have recently performed The list will appear below your profile picture and display name.

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How to view your statistics on Spotify (desktop and web player)

With the exception of Spotify Wrapped, Spotify does not let you see the actual number. Listening minutes and more specific information are not available until Spotify Wrapped in December. Even so, the information provided is quite limited.

However, Spotify makes a list of your top artists and tracks, which you can see from you Profile. Although it does not specify how long you have listened to each song or artist, your “Top Track” and “Top Artist” will be listed in chronological order based on listening time.

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Spotify lets you see your best monthly artists and tracks from your profile

How to view your statistics on Spotify (Android and iOS)

On your mobile device, your Spotify status viewing options are getting thinner. From you ProfileYou can only see your most frequently played artists — and you can do it if you have one Artists have recently performed Switch in Settings.

Spotify screenshots of recently performed artists

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How to see your latest playing artists on Spotify

  • Open the Spotify mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  • From Home, Tap the gear shape Settings Button
  • Inside SettingsScroll down Social Category and active Artists have recently performed Slider
  • Once upon a time Artists have recently performed On, scroll back up and press View profile.
  • On you ProfileYou can see most of your three Artists have recently performed. To see the complete list, press Look at all.

The artist that appears in you Artists have recently performed The list is shown in chronological order based on the songs you have recently played. To view your recent song history, select Recently played Button from Home The screen

Use statistics for Spotify to see your Spotify statistics

You can visit a website called Statistics for Spotify It will show you your top tracks, top artists and top genres This is very similar to the information you can find in Spotify because you cannot see how long you have listened to each song, artist or genre. Tracks, artists, and genres are ranked based on listening time.

Now, where Spotify’s stats differ from the base platform in terms of measuring time. You can see your best tracks, best artists, and best genres The last four weeksThe The last six monthsAnd All the time. To get started, go for it And click Login with Spotify Button

Statistics for Spotify 1

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Next, review the agreement page. You must allow statistics for Spotify to access your Spotify account data and activity, as well as take action on your behalf. This will allow them to view your statistics for Spotify and then relay them to a usable form factor.

Stats for spotify screenshots of the receiving page

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After logging in with your Spotify account, you can start viewing your statistics. As mentioned earlier, there are no actual statistics involved. Apart from your best tracks, artists and genres, you won’t see any real-time numbers. This information is updated daily.

Statistics for Spotify 2

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Spotify Wrap

Spotify Wrap 2021 1

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Every year, Spotify sends a personalized to users Spotify Wrap Summary of their annual hearing activity. Spotify Wrapped includes a portion of the exclusive information from all the other options mentioned in this article: Numbers.

For artists, they can view and share bits of statistical information, such as how many streams they submitted, how many listeners they had in a year, how many hours their music was listened to, and how many countries listened to their music.

Spotify customers can see:

  • Minutes heard
  • Top songs
  • The best song
  • Audio Ara
  • Top genre
  • Top podcasts
  • Top artists
  • Top artists.
Spotify Wrap Results 1

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If you’re looking for the right number, such as how long you’ve listened to a particular song or how many times you’ve listened to a particular artist, you’re out of luck. This information is kept behind closed doors and is not available. You can get the closest to certain statistics in December of each year when Spotify releases your Spotify wrap summary.

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