In this video, model Mighty Thor is breathing new life Atomics


Today it finally opened Thor: Profit and Thunder In theaters around the world. Thus many people have celebrated this event in many ways. The most interesting one comes from the mind Alison Tabitha, an American model who gave new life to Mighty Thor.

Through her official Twitter account, Alison Tabitha shared a video where we can see how the cosplayer transforms from a fairly ordinary person, To the Norse goddess able to lift Mjölnir without any problemsAnd all this while listening to Led Zeppelin’s immigrant songs.

Let’s keep in mind that Mighty Thor eventually joins MCU Thor: Profit and Thunder. After his absence Ragnarak, Natalie Portman has reprized her role as Jane Foster. Although the initial reviews were not entirely favorable, many noted that the main performances were part of the positive elements of the film.

In related matters, this will be Thor’s future at MCU. Similarly, it seems Thor: Profit and Thunder It’s a failure with critics.


Editor’s comment:

Mighty Thor is a great character in comics, and I can’t wait to see how Jane Foster’s altered ego manages itself on the big screen. While the movie may not seem very expensive, all Marvel fans must have their tickets to the movie today.

Via: Allison Tabitha

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