iPhone, finally you can listen to all music for free: just one simple touch



Listening to music with your iPhone is practically essential, especially for those who are used to long journeys. There is a convenient solution that will allow you to listen when and how you want

Travelers will definitely know: listening to music It is one of the tasks that pass the time easily. Obviously with your smartphone and a pair of headphones connected, so you can enjoy the experience 100%. But sorry to leave out fans in general, who love Listen to your favorite music At home or in the car.

iPhone musica 20221023 cellulari.it
If you want to listen to all your music from iPhone for free and anytime, there is a convenient and effective solution (Unsplash).

Playing your favorite music through a smartphone is a well-established tradition. Thanks and above all different streaming platforms eg Spotify e Amazon Music. But not only that, because there are some people who still prefer to download songs and then listen to them. You know from that iPhone Is there a crazy way that everything is available even offline?

How to download music for offline listening on iPhone

iPhone musica 20221023 cellulari.it
Here’s What You Need to Do to Download Your Favorite Songs in Offline Mode (Unsplash)

Perhaps you are using your iPhone per listen to music Any time of the day. A great help is provided by streaming platforms, which allow us to access a practically infinite catalog of songs and artists of all genres and ages. But there is one fundamental aspect to take into account, without which everything is in vain: you must have one Internet connection Work So what if you find yourself in a situation where the network does not work? You will download your favorite songs offline.

Did you know that there is a quick and easy solution to do this from the iPhone? very open music app, They select the single song, hold it and then tap on the download item in the menu that opens. Fast and easy, but if you don’t want to download more songs. There are actually much more intuitive ways to keep all songs offline Just go to Settings and then Music, where you can enable the option Automatic download. Once this is done, iOS will take care of downloading each song. But Apple Music also stores artists or playlists, allowing offline listening at any time. Nothing could be simpler, as the Cupertino OEM always focuses on ease of use for its operating system.


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